Javelin 13 - Free Flight Glider

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Weighing in at only 13 grams, with a gentle toss the Javelin 13 floats on the air at just above walking speed.

The Javelin makes an ideal indoor glider, even in the house, the slow flying speed and foam fuselage pod keeps things from getting out of hand.

Now that being said this glider can be flown outdoors on calm days too. Be careful though, if the Javelin enters a thermal you may never see it again.

We have launched the Javelin from the bottom of the Silly Stick at height of about 100 feet and were rewarded with some nice long flights.

The Javelin 13 kit is easy to build, but we made a rather detailed set of instructions. Check the build manual here.

Feel free to decorate your Javelin any way you like, we used covering scraps and some vinyl cut stickers for ours. Stickers not included.

Javelin 13 - Free Flight Glider
Javelin 13 - Free Flight Glider
Javelin 13 - Free Flight Glider