KST A08H - 3.2Kg (44.4 oz in), .09-sec 7g Wing Servo

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KST presents the KST A08H, another great performing servo for a variety of uses. It may look similar to the well favored X08H, high voltage capable and with an 8mm thickness, but that is where the similarities end. Inside the CNC machined case is an upgraded set of gears, made with even tighter tolerances and greater durability. What's more is that the motor and wiring is entirely encased, so there is no chance of it being damaged.

Advanced users can use the KST Servo programming Tool #1 Programmer to set endpoints, center and direction. (sold separately) This is an excellent servo for DLGs, F5K gliders or anywhere else you need a high torque, reliable and robust nano wing servo.


    Servo Type Digital
    Gear Type Metal
    Motor Type Coreless
    Stall Torque

    1.4Kg-cm (38.88 oz-in) @3.8V

    2.2Kg-cm (62.49 oz-in) @6.0V

    2.8Kg-cm (72.21 oz-in) @7.4V

    3.2Kg-cm (72.21 oz-in) @8.4V







    Working Frequency 1000-2000us / 333Hz 
    Deadband 0.001ms (1us)
    Voltage Range 3.8 - 8.4v (1s-2s LiPo)
    Weight 7g
    Dimensions 23.5x8x19mm
    KST A08H - 3.2Kg (44.4 oz in), .09-sec 7g Wing Servo
    KST A08H - 3.2Kg (44.4 oz in), .09-sec 7g Wing Servo
    KST A08H - 3.2Kg (44.4 oz in), .09-sec 7g Wing Servo