KST X08 - 2.8Kg (38.88 oz in), .09-sec - Wide Voltage

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KST's new tiny alloy servo, the X08 is just 8mm wide and weighs just 8 grams, but it packs a real punch!

The X08 servo was based on their very popular 245 series, but they pushed the envelope even further. You get a tiny 8mm wide servo that can operate on a wide voltage range and produce up to 2.8kg of torque! That is very impressive, especially considering they weigh less than 9 grams. As we all know, it does no good if the gears are not accurate or tough, well, these are very accurate, and very robust. Ideal for DLG use, but also very capable in larger planes. 

These are real show stoppers. A great looking servo that performs great, and will not kill your bank account. That is why Aloft Hobbies is proud to offer these quality servos to you.

Yes, we are selling the newest versions of these servos, V6. 

STALL TORQUE 1.4Kg.cm (19.44 oz-in)@3.8v | 2.2Kg.cm (30.55 oz-in)@6v | 2.8Kg.cm (38.88 oz-in)@8.4v
SPEED .18sec/60°@3.8V | .15sec/60°@6V | .09sec/60°@8.4V
DIMENSIONS 23.5 x 8 x 16.8mm
WEIGHT 8.4g (0.30 oz)
SERVO MOTOR TYPE 7mm coreless motor
KST X08 - 2.8Kg (38.88 oz in), .09-sec - Wide Voltage
KST X08 - 2.8Kg (38.88 oz in), .09-sec - Wide Voltage
KST X08 - 2.8Kg (38.88 oz in), .09-sec - Wide Voltage