Liperior 2250mAh 2S 25C 6.6V LiFe Transmitter/Receiver Pack

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A powerful battery for your radio or the receiver in your RC Plane, Glider or any RC vehicle that uses a separate pack to power the control system. A higher than average C rating means this receiver pack is up for those high current applications.

Note: Your battery charger must have a "LiFe" charge setting to charge this battery. If you try to charge it using the "LiPo" charge setting, you risk starting a fire....

Liperior manufacturing uses smart terminal equipment for cell matching automation. The cells are only assembled when their capacity, internal resistance, voltage, and self-discharge rate are the identical. This increases battery consistency and output reliability.

Pack Specification: 

  • Capacity: 2250mAh
  • Cell Count: 2s
  • Voltage: 6.6V
  • Constant Discharge: 25C
  • Peak Discharge: 50C
  • Maximum Charge Rate: 3C 
  • Battery Size: 83 x 44 x 16mm
  • Battery Weight: 103g
  • Charge Plug: JST-XHR
  • Discharge Plug: PH1.0 Connector & Futaba
Liperior 2250mAh 2S 25C 6.6V LiFe Transmitter/Receiver Pack