Loctite 200 Contact Cement

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A spray adhesive with a variety of uses.

Spray on contact cement. Great for sheeting foam core wings! Lightly spray onto your foam cores, and lightly spray onto your wood sheeting. Let sit for a bit, then stick your wood onto the foam cores. Make sure you line them up well as the adhesion is instant and very solid. 

Another great use is when applying laminating films (New Stuff) onto a EPP foam wing, a VERY light coating of this spray onto the wing cores before you apply the plastic film will really increase the bonding strength of the film (you do not spray the plastic film, only the foam cores). I would like to stress that this coating can and should be a very light misting onto the foam. We prefer Loctite 200 over the more popular 3M Super 77 spray for this application as the Loctite 200 does not tend to yellow over time. 

there are many other uses for this adhesive, the most common issue we see people have with the spray cements is they simply use too much of it. A light coating is all that is needed! 

Loctite 200 Contact Cement