Multiplex Mini Solius Chuck Glider

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Multiplex Mini Solius Chuck Glider
Multiplex Mini Solius Chuck Glider
Multiplex Mini Solius Chuck Glider

These inexpensive, simple chuck gliders from Multiplex are such a hoot to play with here at the shop, we thought we'd share them with everyone!

These are great planes for young kids as they are tough! Constructed of EPP foam that is so resilient you can throw it straight into pavement and it will just bounce off. ( same with windshields, picture windows and peoples heads) 

A slot together construction of durable EPP foam goes together quick resulting in a great flying and durable free flight glider that's perfect for kids, they just fly, no tweaking needed. No glue needed. 

We've easily converted several here at the shop to R/C with micro RC gear, making for a fun to fly, tough, take anywhere slope glider. We highly recommend them for RC conversion as this plane loves RC control unlike some other conversions. You can set them up for pitcheron control with 2 servos, or 3 servos driving the ailerons and elevator. Both work great. Click here to check out the RC conversion thread in our forum.

  • Wingspan: 65mm / 25.5in
  • Length: 90mm / 19.3in

Comes with decals

NOTE: Airframes may arrive slightly bent, they straighten out well by hand.