Painless Wing & Fuse Wire Harnesses

Painless Wing & Fuse Wire Harnesses
Painless Wing & Fuse Wire Harnesses

Don't feel like fabbing up a new wing or fuse harness for that full house glider? We have'm pre-made!

Making your own custom harness is a rewarding experience, especially with the first few; after that you become acutely aware of how much time is consumed creating them. That is why we designed this custom painless collection of harnesses.

Using the listings above, choose the fuselage harness length that you would like for your fuselage and then the length that fits your wingspan.

Our quality harnesses are made especially for us, using 22 gauge 3 conductor twisted servo wire. JR style connectors are used to make the connections to the servos and receiver while 6 pin MPX connectors have been chosen for the wing / fuse connection plugs. Each wire is carefully soldered and heat shrunk to the 6 pin connector. All other connections are professionally crimped and use gold plated terminals. You can mix and match our harness ends to build the set that best fits your model.

All wing harness parts are sold in pairs. (you get one harness for each wing, left and right). Likewise, if you buy an Rx harness you will receive two parts, one for left side and one for the right.

The fuselage harnesses are available in 3 lengths:

  • 20cm (7.87in)
  • 30cm (11.81in)
  • 40cm (15.75in)

The wing harnesses are available in the following lengths:

  • 1.5m (59.06in)
  • 2m (78.74in)
  • 2.75m (108.3in)
  • 3m  (118.1in)

Here are the wire lengths from the MPX connector to the flap servo plug and the aileron servo plug for each servo harness wing size:

  • 1.5m : 255mm (10in) to flap / 510mm (20in) to aileron
  • 2m : 255mm (10in) to flap / 615mm (24.21in) to aileron
  • 2.75m : 305mm (12in) to flap / 765mm (30.1in) to aileron
  • 3m : 355mm (14in) to flap / 860mm (33.86in) to aileron

IMPORTANT: Before using confirm all wire polarities are correct it should look like the photo above. A red wire should connect to a red wire on the other side of the 6 pin connector, black to black and white to white. We recently had one wire harness built with an error, the first one if 6 years! This polarity error will kill servos. 

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