Pirat 1.5m Slope Plane

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Pirat 1.5m Slope Plane
Pirat 1.5m Slope Plane
Pirat 1.5m Slope Plane

The Blejzyk Pirat . A 1:10 scale model of the SZD 30 sailplane.

The Pirat is a 1:10 scale model of the Polish SZD 30 sailplane, Pirate.

Having smooth flying characteristics and a nice presence in the air, makes the Pirat a joy to fly. All Blejzyk kits feature beautifully sheeted and fully shaped and sanded wings and tails with live hinges. Beneath the wood sheeting you will find a sandwich of foam cores and a layer of fiberglass for added strength in key areas. The epoxy fiberglass fuselages also gets the full treatment, they are very well made with an eye towards strength and keeping weight down.

Included in the kit:

  • A composite fuselage made of epoxy resin, fiberglass, carbon and kevlar.
  • Composite wings, made from wood veneer, balsa, expanded polystyrene cores , fiberglass, carbon and kevlar reinforcements.
  • Tail built up balsa, with live hinges.
  • Including all hardware that you will need to assemble your model; nuts, bolts, horns and plywood for wing roots.