QX7 Bling Rings Black

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The combination of the M7 gimbals and a pair of black anodized aluminum bezels gives you the makes for one sharp looking radio!

Add some pizzazzle to your Q X7 with our exclusive Bling Ring kit.

This kit is designed to work "only" with the M7 gimbals (see note below). The combination of the M7 gimbals and our machined aluminum gimbal bezels, raises not only the performance level, but the aesthetic of the Q X7.

  • Pictured above, the QX7S with Black bling ring kit, black G-Force Stealth neck strap balancer, and a black Q X7 replacement display window.

The 3D printed spacers that sit beneath the aluminum rings are now offered in two sizes. When the original spacers were designed the inner diameter of the spacer was designed such that, it would not be seen between the gimbal and the aluminum bezel. This of course leaves a small gap between the gimbal and the bezel. Some people do not like the gap; and some people do not like seeing the 3D printed spacer. So now, we offer both spacers, designated as "gap" "no-gap" in the drop down list above.

Kit installation is straightforward; after removing the stock gimbals pop out the silver plastic gimbal bezels and insert the aluminum rings in their place. Next insert the plastic spacers on top of the bezels, then center the gimbal in the spacer. Finish installing your M7 gimbals and your done! Easy peasy.....

Note: If you have the older M7 gimbals that have the 4 protruding screws on the top surface of the gimbal mounting plate, please leave us a note and we will send you the spacers that are designed for those gimbals.

Kit includes:

  • 1 pair black anodized machined aluminum bezels
  • 1 pair 3D printed gimbal spacers
QX7 Bling Rings Black
QX7 Bling Rings Black
QX7 Bling Rings Black
QX7 Bling Rings Black
QX7 Bling Rings Black