MAAT 3 F3K Competition DLG - ARF

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MAAT 3 F3K Competition DLG - ARF
MAAT 3 F3K Competition DLG - ARF
MAAT 3 F3K Competition DLG - ARF
MAAT 3 F3K Competition DLG - ARF
MAAT 3 F3K Competition DLG - ARF
Ready to Fly.. Competition Level Performance.. World Class Design and Craftsmanship.

Receiver ready!

Sometimes it's just worth paying extra to save time. The RTF MAAT 3 only needs a receiver and you can go fly.

Thoughtfully designed and executed, the MAAT 3 DLG's are exceptional performers and are no strangers to podium finishes in Europe. The build quality on these birds is excellent and close observation reveals the manufacturers attention to detail.


The fuselage is oval in shape to resist boom flex during launch. The wing saddle incorporates two hollow pins with the wing screw nuts in their center; the pins lock into the wing and carry all of the side load during launch. The canopy is on the bottom side of the fuse. This decision allows the servos to be optimally mounted so that the spring pull cables are interference free.


The wings and tails are laid up using Ultra High Modulus fabrics. The spars and webs are comprised of Granoc and Dialeed while the wing skins are biaxial weave carbon fabric over Cascell cores. The entire plane is produced in CNC'd aluminum molds and the wing and tails are post cured to, as high as 194°F. This high temperature cure ensures a smooth outer finish that wont get that "orange peel" texture that we have all seen before. The wings plan form and profile are Gerald Taylors' Zone V2.

Here's a link to the set-up manual.


Span 1495mm
Length 1100mm
Weight 240g