VP Models Shemik

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VP Models Shemik
VP Models Shemik
VP Models Shemik
VP Models Shemik
VP Models Shemik
VP Models Shemik
VP Models Shemik

Thermal model for F5K competition and recreational flying.  Available in All Carbon or Carbon / Glass lay-ups.

The Shemik ("Chemist" in English) is the smallest model in VP Models line-up. The model is intended for recreational flying or it can be entered into F5K competition. The model excels in moderate conditions.

We are pleased to offer the VP Models as they are true masters of the XPS bagged wing construction methods. The results of this method are very competitive models with a very attractive price point. With a focus on the competition pilot but priced in a range where non-professionals can enjoy them.

The one-piece wing is keyed onto the fuselage and the two mounting screws are secured through the keys into the fuse making for a stiff wing saddle mount. The Shemik fuselage has a long nose allowing the use of smaller motors while maintaining proper CG. The Dualsky XM2221 is a good example.

A clever combination of AG wing profiles provides a wide flight envelope. The Shemik handles light to moderate conditions with ease and penetrates into the wind very well. The wing and tail surfaces are vacuum laminated to XPS cores. The wing skins consist of a light Biaxial Carbon fabric which provides excellent torsional rigidity and bending moments. 

The Fuselage is constructed of carbon, laid up in molds and a pressure bladder is used to squeeze the extra resin out of the lay-up.  The fuselage is quite stiff and not squishy. They are nice to look at too.

Recommended equipment:
Motor Size: 2222 (XM2222EG)
Propeller: 7/3, 8/4, according to motor KV; spinner 30mm or 32mm
Battery: 2-3S Li-pol 300-500mAh
ESC15 Amp
Aileron servos: KST X08H or KST X06H
Tail servos: KST X08 or KST X06

Basic Control Surface Throws:
Ailerons: -7mm /+ 11mm (in all modes)
Elevator: +/-6mm
Rudder: +/-17mm
Trims: ailerons; speed +2mm, normal +-0, thermals +4
Center of Gravity: 62-72mm from leading edge.

Span: 1500mm
Length: 1030mm
Flying weight: 300-400g - depending on variation and gear.
Wing Area: 23 dm2

**We also stock transport bags for this model.**

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