Slope Monkey

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Slope Monkey
Slope Monkey
Slope Monkey
Slope Monkey
Slope Monkey
Slope Monkey
Slope Monkey

We brought this classic 36" tough, nimble, fast, and, highly aerobatic fun-ship back from extinction!!

It's Back!

The Slope Monkey was designed by Adam from Wyoming Wind Works back in 2008 and was an instant hit! This little slope plane is properly named, as Adam described it back then: "it is tough, nimble, fast, and, highly aerobatic fun-ship" and that really sums it up. Sadly Adam moved onto other projects and shut down his business in 2012. In that short time his designs all became instant classics, his designs and craftsmanship, and a fair amount of love went into everything he made, they were instant classics. We are excited to team up with Adam and bring this little plane back to production. A special thanks to Mike at fancy Foam that actually produces these new kits for us using his CNC equipment and his own love to bring these kits back just like the originals. Well done!

I'm going to copy and paste the original details from Adam's website below, who could say it better?

The Wyoming Wind Works Slope Monkey utilizes traditional EPP foam construction to yield a tough, nimble, fast, and, highly aerobatic fun-ship. With the Slope Monkey you can also DS those micro spots with a tight groove. The kit builds quickly to get you monkeying around in a wide variety of wind conditions.


  • CNC cut EPP Wing Halves
  • CNC cut EPP Fuse
  • Carbon Ribbon Spars
  • Pre-cut 1/8" Balsa Stabilizer and Elevator
  • Pre-cut 1/8" Vertical Fin
  • Tapered Balsa Ailerons
  • Elevator Pushrod & Housing
  • 3 Music Wire Control Horns
  • Aileron Pushrods
  • 2 Mini Servo E/Z connectors
  • Servo saver control horn connection material
  • 3"x3" 3/32 balsa radio equipment covers
  • Detailed written instructions with pictures


  • Basic Hobby Hand Tools
  • 3M Super 77 Spray Adhesive
  • 3M Extreme Bi-directional Packing Tape
  • 5 minute Epoxy
  • Thin CA Glue
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Household Goop
  • Low-temp Covering material (We recommend Ultracote by Hanger 9) and application iron
  • Radio Equipment

RADIO GEAR (not included)

  • Square 4.8 volt AAA battery pack
  • (3) 9 gram servos
  • micro 6 channel receiver
  • short servo extension
  • Transmitter

Wing Span: 36"
Length: 24"
Weight: 9.5 to 13 oz.
Wing Area: 185 sq. inches
Wing Loading: 7.4 to 9.3 oz
Aspect Ratio: 7:1
Airfoil: Modified DS19
Wind Range: 9 to 30 mph

Instructions can be found here.

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