Slow Stick Motor Package

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An Excellent motor and propeller combo for the GWS Slow Stick.

After much fun and experimentation, the Aloft Slow Stick Team have decided to recommend a motor for the Slow Stick that suits the beginner, the intermediate and even the advanced pilot. 


Combine this motor with a Quadcopter propeller (2 are included) a 2s Lipo and a 20 - 30 amp ESC and you have the perfect beginner pilot, power output of approximately 65 watts. Once the new pilot becomes comfortable and is ready for more power, simply change the prop to a 9x5 two-blade to increases the power output to around 180 watts. You can also accomplish similar results by changing the battery from a 2s to a 3s instead of changing the propeller. The 3s battery gives a slightly more zippy performance.

For those with a wild side: This setup with a quad prop will handle 4s.... The Slow Stick however,,, probably not so much, so we cannot endorse it. (if a person was to try it however, it would be best to use a 30 amp ESC ;)

This motor is designed for quadcopter racing and is built to be tough and make a lot of power for its size. Most outrunners of this size are equipped with a 3mm motor shaft, this motor is equipped with a 4mm shaft on the inside, which transitions to a 5mm threaded shaft on the outside. This bigger shaft is less prone to bending should the plane crash nose first. The larger diameter shaft means larger diameter ball bearings, which will better handle the rigors of new pilots. The motor windings are single strand heavy gauge wire capable of passing some serious current and the motor housing is designed to be impact resistant.

Because quadcopters have two motors spinning clockwise and two motors spinning counter clockwise, the manufacturers supply the threaded motor shafts with left hand threads for the clockwise motors and righthand threads for the counterclockwise. We have both types in our inventory. Either type works equally as well for the Slow Stick. Each motor comes with two propellers that match the thread direction of that particular motor.

Each person who purchases one of these motors will be randomly given a motor from our inventory. It is useful to keep in mind that if the motor you receive has a black prop nut it is a left hand threaded motor shaft. If the prop nut is silver the motor shaft is right hand threaded. This is important to know so you don't accidentally over tighten the prop nut when trying to remove it.

Package includes:

  • 1 - DYS SE2205-2300KV motor
  • 2 - Aloft Hobbies propellers

Motor Features:

  • NMB bearings
  • N52 Neodymium magnets
  • 0.2mm Stator laminations manufactured by Kawasaki
  • Capable of 1.1kg thrust spinning a 5x4.5x3 Prop
  • Hollow shaft design that utilizes a screw to retain the shaft
  • Specially designed for FPV race champions.

NOTE: Substitutions will be made if we can no longer get certain parts. Rest assured the package will still perform the same way!

Motor Specifications:

KV (RPM/V) 2550
Slow Stick Motor Package
Slow Stick Motor Package
Slow Stick Motor Package
Slow Stick Motor Package
Slow Stick Motor Package
Slow Stick Motor Package
Slow Stick Motor Package
Slow Stick Motor Package
Slow Stick Motor Package