SM Model Bau InfoSwitch

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Intelligent power switch that measures voltage and capacity so you always have confidence in status of your flight pack.

The InfoSwitch is a powerful electronic on-off switch that measures capacity and voltage for receiver power system. 

To do this, the InfoSwitch measures the current taken from the receiver battery in flight mode and calculates the remaining capacity. This is indicated by the easy to read LED chain in 10% steps. The InfoSwitch also detects charging of the flight battery via the charging socket and resets the indicated capacity automatically. If the remaining capacity is too low, or if there is an undervoltage situation or loose contact, the InfoSwitch issues a warning via the LEDs.

Connecting the InfoSwitch to the UniDisplay (link below) provides the pilot with a live display of all the measured values as well as providing the pilot with a convenient means of changing the settings.

The circuit board of the InfoSwitch is vibration proof due to it's SMD design and so small and light that it can be easily installed in HLG, F3B and F3J fuselages. Of course, the InfoSwitch is also ideal for many other models up to a maximum power consumption of 5 Amps.

Feature List:

  • On-Off switch for continuous currents up to 5 A (briefly up to 10 A <10 s)
  • Capacitance measurement in 1 mAh steps (LED display in 10% steps)
  • Nominal capacity (battery size) adjustable from 100 mAh to 9999 mAh
  • Voltage measurement in 0.01 V increments (LED display in 0.1 V increments)
  • Dynamic under-voltage warning depending on battery size and current
  • Current measurement from - 5000 mA (discharge) to + 4500 mA (charge)
  • Control of the servo pulses with display of the number of pulse errors (faults)
  • Simple programming of set-points without tools directly at the receiver
  • Suitable for 4 to 5 cells NiCd or NiMh or 1 to 2 cells lithium with automatic detection of the number of cells
  • Safety switch system prevents accidental power down.
  • Compatible with the UniTest 2 or UniDisplay for the live display of all measured values and for setting parameters in the InfoSwitch
SM Model Bau InfoSwitch