SM Modell Bau Air Speed Sensor

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True speed measurement up to 450 km/h (279 mph).

This speed sensor is designed to work with the UniLog 1 & 2. It is capable of measuring and recording flight speeds from 0 - 450 km/h (0-279mph). The speed measurement is determined by measuring and comparing back pressure (the air pressure generated by the airspeed) and the ambient air pressure. 

The sensor speed range can be changed from 250 to 450 km/h to 600 to 1000 km/h by closing a solder bridge on the sensor board; however, the sensor resolution will be reduced.

This sensor is less sensitive at speeds below approx 30 km/h (18 mph). The sensor will still record air speeds but error and noise will be present in the returned data. Speeds above 30 km/h (18mph) will not be an issue as dynamic air pressure increases quadratically.

The speed sensor consists of two components:

  • The dynamic pressure pipe or pitot tube, is a Prandtl design. The ambient pressure is measured directly from the dynamic pressure pipe via the annular holes. This makes the system independent of the pressure conditions in the fuselage (eg inflowing cooling air).
  • A precision differential pressure sensor thats connects to the UniLog. Power is supplied to the speed sensor from the UniLog. The connection between the pitot tube and the sensor is made via two small diameter (2mmOD) silicone tubes.


Sensor Dimensions 17x15x15mm (.66x.59x.59in)
Pitot Tube Dimensions 65mm Long - 4mm OD (2.55x.15in)
Pitot Tubing Length 1118mm (44in)
System Weight 16.2g (.57oz)
SM Modell Bau Air Speed Sensor