SM Modell Bau TEK Nozzle

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Add total energy compensation to the Vario in the GPS-Logger 2.

The TEK nozzle is the ideal complement for our GPS-Logger 2. The TEK nozzle, enables a vario to operate with greater accuracy, similar to full size gliders.

What is TEK anyway?

Total Energy Kompensation. TEK, eliminates false vario readings caused by the changing angle of attack of the aircraft, sometimes referred to as "stick thermals". Example, pull back on the elevator stick. The aircraft pitches up, increases in altitude and the barometric pressure drops. The vario senses the lower pressure and signals that the aircraft is experiencing lift, which is a false reading. The TEK nozzle provides an airspeed pressure component that is combined with the barometric pressure component to determine whether the aircraft is in lift / sink or merely ascending or descending as a result of pitch change. It works like this, pull back on the stick, and the airplane rises. Simultaneously the barometric and airspeed pressures drop. These two pressures are ratioed and the vario determines that the aircraft is not in lift. Conversely, when the aircraft experiences actual lift the barometric pressure drops and the airspeed pressure remains nearly constant, this situation is expressed by the vario as the aircraft experiencing an external source of lift. The TEK nozzle generates a speed dependent negative pressure which simulates an increase of barometric pressure with increasing air speed and in turn compensates for the loss of altitude. The conversion of height (potential energy) into velocity (kinetic energy) is therefore no longer incorrectly interpreted as sinking or rising when using the TEK nozzle.Our TEK nozzle works on the principle of the "Brunswick nozzle". Full scale aviation uses this design almost exclusively. The design is more elaborate than the simple curved Nicks nozzle, but is unsurpassed in compensation and delivers perfect results even when scaled down for model flying.

The nozzle is made entirely of stainless steel and is brazed.

The nozzle head is kept at a scale of 1:2. This sounds bigger than it is because the nozzles in the original are very small. The nozzle looks properly sized on models of virtually any size.

The pressure pipe is 2.5 mm diameter, 240 mm long and 40 mm high for installation in the vertical stabilizer and is scaled for a 1/3 scale model. For smaller models, the pipe can be cut slightly, for larger models it could be extended and stiffened with a carbon fiber tube.

For slow models that fly at a constant speed, the simple vario without TEK is usually enough. Here, the errors due to controlled altitude changes are not as large, allowing the vario readings to be much more accurate. The smoother you fly and the lower the speed changes, the better the vario works without a TEK nozzle .


Dimensions 240mm long x 40mm high
Weight 4g
SM Modell Bau TEK Nozzle