SoarKraft Roughgen and Pika Flight Pack

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Suggested products for the Roughgen, Roughgen V2 and Pika slope gliders.

We are happy to work with Wayne at SoarKraft to supply the recommended items for his 3D printed gliders.

Feel free to adjust the quantities of the items listed below to meet your needs and build options. For example you have several options on how many servos you may need depending on what version of the plane you are going to build. Flaps? Rudder?

Wing Spar - For super strength go with the 6mm carbon rod, to save some weight go with the 6mm tube. Either option will be plenty strong in flight, but the tube does save some weight.

We have selected a nice digital metal gear servo from Emax that has good speed and offers good durability and accuracy without breaking the bank. We think this is a very nice match for these planes. You can use a basic plastic geared 9 gram servo if you like.

Any questions, feel free to ask, we have built these planes ourselves and really like them.

See our build thread here.

SoarKraft Roughgen and Pika Flight Pack
SoarKraft Roughgen and Pika Flight Pack