The Mini Wanderer

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The Mini Wanderer
The Mini Wanderer
The Mini Wanderer
The Mini Wanderer
The Mini Wanderer
The Mini Wanderer
The Mini Wanderer

A simple mini version of a classic!

The Mini Wanderer is designed to be an easy building, fun to fly anywhere 2 channel small glider. The original Wanderer, designed by Mark Smith is the inspiration for this modern kit.  It is the perfect size to toss around the school yard, local slope or keep in the backseat of your car for a quick lunchtime thermal session. 

With the AG35 airfoil she is easy very slippery and efficient for both thermal and slope fun. She can slow down and linger or speed around a bit and cut some fun 2 channel acro.

For a small lightweight wooden plane the Wanderer is a very slippery aircraft. Turns are exactly what you would expect from a good rudder ship design, predictable, stable and forgiving.

Be careful of thermals though, they may try to snatch your Wanderer away from you. :) On the slope you will find the Wanderer can fly in very light lift. When the lift increases the plane just carries more energy and becomes even more fun to fly. Loops are nice and smooth, she can do a nice slow roll and is just a joy to fly. We have put the ship through its paces and we are pleased with the results.

Let's talk about the kit. This model is easy to build. The fuselage is tabbed so that it interlocks with with itself, similar to a puzzle, producing an easy to assemble part that is straight and true. And this is not a wimpy model either. She is robust enough to give many years of service. In the video below you can see the first Mini Warderer crash, no damage.


The wings and tail are also easy to assemble do to the excellent laser cutting and high quality woods supplied with the kit.

Here is a link to our build manual. >>HERE<<

  • Wingspan: 1.14m / 45in.
  • Length: 660mm / 26in.
  • Wing Area:224 Sq In.
  • Flying Weight: 5-7oz.
  • Controls: Rudder, Elevator
  • Construction: Balsa
  • Electric motor option

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