UNI-RX - Universal ACCST firmware Installation Service for your receiver

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UNI-RX - Universal ACCST firmware Installation Service for your receiver
UNI-RX - Universal ACCST firmware Installation Service for your receiver

Add this item to your cart if you are having Aloft Hobbies burn Uni-RX onto a receiver you are sending to us. Email us at contact@alofthobbies.com for instructions on sending us your receiver(s).

If you are buying a new receiver from us that can take UNI-RX, you do not need to add this item to your cart, we include UNI-RX for free on new compatible receivers. 

A bit about UNI-RX:

If it was annoying we fixed it, if it was dangerous we cured it, and if it could be improved, we did that too!

Aloft Hobbies along with the other three Service Dealers in Europe and the UK have developed a new firmware for your ACCST devices. We teamed up with an RC guru, Mike B, to develop new receiver firmware for many of the FrSky ACCST receivers. The goal is a better user experience and improved performance for the FrSky ACCST protocol. ALL FrSky transmitters can use ACCST (also known as D16), from the very first Taranis to the current Tandem X20S and everything in between. 

What can it do?
Receivers with this new "universal" (or UNI) firmware will be able to bind to the following with ease:


Yep, you get all four of these in a single simple to use receiver. No more switching out firmwares and going insane. During the normal bind process, the receiver automatically switches until it finds the version your transmitter is running. How simple is that?

If you are using V1 in your transmitter the new UNI Firmware mitigates the V1 bug to the point it is of very little concern. Mike has also added some magic to reduce or remove the typical signal swamping that occurs when the transmitter is very close to the transmitter, you know the good old message: "Telemetry lost. Telemetry Found." warnings. Everything else works like you would expect it to. Servos run when you plug them in, Sbus is there, all the normal telemetry, and maybe a couple of tricks that you can turn on via a LUA script on your transmitter. Heck, we even added the good ol' CPPM for the X4R receivers.

We have a new feature called Dual Bind. Once you have bound the first transmitter, you may bind to a second backup transmitter. When this bind takes place, the information for the first transmitter is saved. You can then power the first transmitter on and enter bind mode (second Tx off), then when you power the Rx on (no need to press the bind button) it will bind back to the first transmitter. This allows for quick switching between 2 transmitters. Only one transmitter is actually in control.

The individual servo outputs may be mapped to the control channels, any output may be selected to be for any channel. Want PWM channel 1 to output channel 8? No problem, this can be setup via our LUA script.

Since all radio gear has some tolerances the frequencies can shift up or down slightly. The AutoTune adjusts for this to get the best signal match for the transmitter. This can result in improved range. This is part of the bind, nothing special you need to do. 

VFR Telemetry
We added the VFR telemetry value so you now have a better RF quality index. RSSI is a good starting point for RF quality, but VFR (Valid Frame Rate) is a better statistic to use for grading the RF connection quality. 

Current Compatibility:

  • X8R
  • X6R
  • X4R
  • XSR
  • RX8R
  • RX8R-Pro
  • RX4R 
  • RX6R 
  • G-RX6
  • G-RX8

Some of the items fixed we cured:

  • Random Servo Movement bug in ACCST V1
  • Random Telemetry Errors

Some of the items added to UNI:

  • Channel 4 or 8 may be configured to output SBUS instead of a servo signal
  • CPPM output for X4R (popular for wireless trainers)
  • SBUS signal may optionally be inverted
  • Dual Bind, VFR and Autotune!
  • 18mS pulse rate with option for 9mS
  • Channel Mapping
  • Ability to see firmware version via your transmitter!
  • LUA script on you transmitter offers advanced diagnostics to help troubleshoot any RF concerns and ability to change settings
  • Above all we stressed simple to use! Bind it and she is ready to work!

Many thanks to our beta testers who helped test all sorts of different configurations, (over 50 versions!). We managed to solve everything we identified as a weakness in the stock FrSky firmware as well as adding a number of new features!

Uni is only available from the Four FrSky SERVICE Dealers, Aloft Hobbies in the USA and the others are in the UK, CZ and Germany.

You can download UNI-RX from this location on our forum for your own install:

If you for some reason you want to go back to a FrSky firmware, you can do that too. 

"the goal was to breath new life into the older gear and help to maintain ACCST into the future, and also cut down on the confusion for our customers. Prior to ACCST V2 we hardly ever had anyone asking us "how do I bind this?" These days we get that question a lot and we have frustrated customers. This new firmware makes that whole mess go away."

UNI-RX instructions can be found here: LINK

Current FREE downloads can be found here: LINK

If you choose to do the install to your own receivers you will have to go through the receiver activation process in this thread;   LINK