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Version 2 works with fixed wing Rx's and flashes a light at night!

VIFLY has redesigned the FINDER, it can now be used with a standard RC receiver making it possible to use in airplanes. The other major design change was the addition of a light sensor and a bright flashing LED. If you crash your quad in the evening and it gets dark while your searching for it, the Finder will also flash the LED providing a visual cue in addition to the audible one it provides. If the aircraft is not found and remains outdoors overnight, the Finder 2 after 2 hours, will stop signaling until morning at which time it will resume beeping. This saves power and may prevent unwanted attention.

So, here's the backstory:

VIFLY designed a lost model alarm that contains a built it battery that allows the alarm to function even if the flight battery is disconnected during a crash. The onboard battery is charged utilizing the 5V output on your flight controller or Rx.

The alarm is 100db and can be triggered via your transmitter or it will trigger automatically if the battery is ejected.

Changing the flight battery resets the alarm for the next flight. Disarming the alarm consists of disconnecting the flight battery and pressing the disarm button for a few seconds; Or disconnect the battery, and then reconnect it for 3 ~ 6 seconds and disconnect it once again. The Finder 2 will then beep 3 times to let you know you have successfully disarmed it. 

The included instructions go into greater operational detail.

What's Included:

  • Alarm Unit
  • Wiring Harness
  • Zip Tie
  • Installation / Operating Instructions


Dimensions 24x13x16mm
Weight 5g with cable
Volume 105db maximum
Operating Time Up to 30 hours
Operating Voltage 4.5 - 8.5- Volts


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