WazzUp - 2.5 Meter

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WazzUp - 2.5 Meter
WazzUp - 2.5 Meter
WazzUp - 2.5 Meter

The WazzUp was born out of the head of a man named Eric. He received a lot of help from 8 model glider friends; and after a year of thorough testing and improvement, they believe that they have have created a Big Air glider that can show its potential on the slope in the hands of an experienced pilot.

The WazzUp is manufactured by TJIRC and they have done a great job bringing the Wazz Up to life. The fit and finish are very good, colors are brilliant with clean edges. The push rods and elevator bell crank are pre-installed, the rest of the build out is your typical radio gear and servo installations. 

The WazzUp can be built as a pure glider or can be equipped with a motor. The build manual covers both builds. The manual can be downloaded here. The manual is not a step by step build manual, but is an example of how the aircraft can be fitted out; as well as recommended settings for the first flight.

When we first inspected the WazzUp one thing really caught our attention, the triangular fuselage. It is nearly flat on the bottom and makes holding the model very easy, it also gives you a lot of room inside the fuselage, particularly handy if you want to install an electric motor, lots of room for electronics and battery, but not so large as to bother you when flying without a motor. Very nice balance for both applications. 

 We really like the slightly forward swept wings, coupled with the rather long tail moment and full flying cross tail. She should track through the sky beautifully.
We think you will like the WazzUp. It is always nice to see a design that is a little different than the others.
  • Wingspan: 2.5 meters
  • Length: 1.3 meters
  • AUW Weight: 2000-2300 approx. depending on setup
  • Wing Area: 46.3dm2
  • Wing Loading: 46.7gr/dm2
  • Decalage: 0.5°
  • Airfoil: JX-GT Strak (by Jochen Gunzel)
  • Ballast: 700 grams in wing pockets (optional)