Wing Removal Tools

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Folks liked these so much we added two more sizes!

Finally, a tool to remove stubbornly tight wings on our beautiful, close tolerance, moldies.

They are pretty simple - a pair of smooth plastic wedges designed specifically for separating tight fitting wings from their fuselages, now available in 3 different sizes.

As a side note, these can also be used to to help remove new air-frames or wings from their molds.

Size small is sold in pairs.

Medium and Large sizes are sold individually.


• TYP 1: 20 x 45mm (.78 x 1.7in) Red

• TYP 2: 20 x 65mm (.78 x 2.5in) Black

• TYP 3: 37 x 104mm (1.4 x 4.09in) Black

Wing Removal Tools
Wing Removal Tools
Wing Removal Tools