GWS Slow Stick

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Yes! We have the last of the Slow Stick kits in the USA.

  • NOTE: We are currently sold out of Slow Sticks. We do have some parts in a listing below. 

    Now for the exciting news! Aloft Hobbies is very pleased to bring this fun plane back into production later this year!!! We will be looking at bringing a few other GWS aircraft designs back from extinction. Please tell your friends to keep an eye on this page for updates. 

    Looking For Slow Stick Parts? Click Here.

    Genuine GWS Slow Sticks - These kits are supplied by collecting parts from GWS USA and GWS Taiwan, you will not get the normal GWS colorful box, nor an instruction sheet, and no sticker sheets. You will get all of the normal parts and the one piece carbon stick (an upgrade) and a brushless motor mount (upgrade) to assemble the good ol' Classic Slow Stick. These are as complete as we can provide at this time. As far as we know, we have found the very last sources of GWS parts available in the world today.

    While the Slow Stick is a superb beginner plane it is also a hoot for experienced pilots as well. Personally I like to set the trims on mine so it flies "hands off" lazy circles around the park, I set my transmitter down on the bench, sip my coffee and watch it go 'round. Very relaxing.

    Super slow flying speeds are the main reason this plane is such a good trainer. Slow speeds give you time to think, time to react, time to correct mistakes. If you are a beginner and are going to learn on this plane, build it as light as possible. Keeping the weight down is what makes it fly slow.

    Once you have learned the basics, you have the option to modify your slow stick. Weight is not as critical as it was while you were learning, you can add weight now in the form of modifications that are a whole bunch of fun, not to mention they enrich your understanding of model aviation.

    What mods you say? We have seen aileron, spoiler, bi-plane, semi scale, twin boom, float, dual ducted fan, larger motors, higher capacity batteries, you name it. Just google slow stick mods to see some very creative ideas that can help you reinvent your Slow Stick.

    Here is a fun video of a young lady taking her first flights with a Slow Stick. :)


    Wing Span46.3in (1176mm)
    Wing Area505.9 sq in. (32.64sq dm)
    Flying Weight15.87~21.16oz. (450~600g)
    Wing Loading4.5~6.0oz per sq ft. (13.8g / dm2)