FrSky X4R (With Uni-RX firmware)

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We brought them back!! And better than ever as we now include UNI-RX firmware for rock solid performance regardless of what version of ACCST firmware you have on your radio! 

Why bring back the older X4R receivers? We did it to support the many FrSky pilots that are flying older radios. We saw the ability to improve this older hardware with a brand new modern firmware, and that is exactly what we have here. Adding features and reliability is always a hit!

FrSky's X4R receiver features 4 PWM channels plus Smart Port and a traditional A2 port.

The addition of the new Uni-RX firmware allows for use with FrSky radios running ACCST D16 V1, V2, FCC and EU firmware and brings new features, such as VFR (Valid Frame Rate) telemetry and much more. (More info on Uni-RX HERE)

 Dimensions 40×22.5×6mm
Weight 5.8g
Number of Channels 4 PWM
Voltage Range 4.0 - 10V
Operating Current 100mA@5V
Operating Range full range (>1.5km) (Depending on ambient conditions)
Compatibility All FrSky radios running ACCST D16
FrSky X4R (With Uni-RX firmware)
FrSky X4R (With Uni-RX firmware)