Silly Stick

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Silly Stick
Silly Stick
Silly Stick
Silly Stick
Silly Stick
Silly Stick

Note:  If you purchase the basic kit, and plan to add the recommended products, you will need to add 2 servos and 2 wheels.

 We offer the Silly Stick as a Basic Kit (just the airframe parts) or the Complete Kit. The Complete Kit comes with:

1- Motor Emax DYS SE1806 kv2300 

1-  Super-S Indoor Line 6"x3" (15x7.5cm)

1- Hobbywing Skywalker 20AMP ESC v2 

4pcs 1440A servos 

2-GWS 51mm x 2.1mm axle Foam Wheels. 


Recomended Items

>>>3S Set up<<<

Tattu 3S 650mAh 75C XT30

Super-S Indoor Line 6"x3" (15x7.5cm)

>>>2S Set up<<<

Gens Ace 2s 1100mAh 35C JST

Super-S Indoor Line 7"x4" (18x10cm)

FrSky X4R

This kit allows you to fit out both the 2-channel wing and the 4-channel aileron wing.

The Aloft Hobbies Silly Stick is an inexpensive, yet fun way to get into R/C flight. It features a rugged construction designed around a tough carbon stick fuselage and plastic fittings that slip on. Combine it with a simple foam board wing and a lightweight yet powerful motor and you get a solid trainer. What, you don't want a trainer? We also include second wing with ailerons for crisp aerobatics. Yep, 1 plane, 2 wings!

Includes all of the necessary hardware to finish the airframe, just add our well engineered power pack and you're ready for your first steps toward R/C flight or a fun weekend sport flyer.

At under 250 grams, she is FAA exempt!

We have had a lot of fun developing and test flying the Silly Stick. We are very pleased with the results, a sturdy little flight trainer that is also a lot of fun for more advanced pilots. 

Should you manage to hurt any parts, don't worry, we keep a large stock of all of the parts at super low prices. We think you will find her a tough and fun model. 

Be sure to pick up our power pack that includes the motor, esc and prop. 

Optimized to fly with our SE 1806 out-runner motor on 2S, can also be flown with 3S power with a less aggressive prop. 

Many other great uses:

  • Micro FPV
  • Mini Combat
  • STEM Programs
  • One Design Races
  • So much more!

Download the manual HERE.

Technical Specifications;

 Wingspan 740mm (29")
Fuselage length 640mm (25")
Flying Weight From 220g (0.48lb)
Control Functions Rudder/Elevator/Ailerons/Throttle

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